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Overseas Travel Bureau a leading Travel Management Company in the State of Qatar performs the function of managing a company's strategic approach to travel (travel policy), the negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, travel safety and security, and Credit-card / Lodged-card management.

Our dedicated Corporate Travel Department and Holidays Department walk hand in hand with our local and international clients to provide them with comprehensive range of products and services that make travel a complete pleasure.

For most companies travel costs represent the second highest controllable annual expense, exceeded only by salaries and benefits.  As a preferred corporate travel management company, we provide assistance to our clients in analyzing areas of potential savings that allows effective management of travel budget.

 Key features, but not limited to:-

» Dedicated Corporate Travel Deparment
» Dedicated Holidays Department Corporate Travel
» Expertise in reducing travel related expenses
» Management Reports
» All-in-One invoice and statements
» 24-Hour emergency assistance
» Lodged-card experience
» Outbound Visa services
» International car rentals
» Travel Insurance
» Visa and Passport assistance (Subject to embassy's approval)
» Personalized super PNR (Seat and Meal request in every PNR)
» Meet and Greet services at Doha International Airport
» Key Account Management

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